Thank you for your interest in Bainbridge Island Ambulance Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a 70 year legacy of service.

BIAA is actively recruiting Islanders who have current EMT certification, and those who may wish to attend the fall 2015 EMT training program, for long-term, part-time, on-call service. We do not have any current full-time opportunities.


BIAA uses a combination of full-time, immediate response and part-time, on-call EMTs. We always welcome qualified applicants and keep eligible candidate applications on file for a year. We do not currently have any full-time vacancies.

Business Manager

The Business Manager is accountable for managing the business and administrative affairs of the association, and for association’s financial and human resource functions. The position is administrative in nature and provides staff support to the board in strategic planning, financial management, personnel management, project management, public relations and intergovernmental relations.

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Application Process

Certified EMTs

If you are an Islander already certified as an EMT, and meet eligibility criteria, we offer flexible on-call scheduling, and fast-track consideration.

Islanders helping Islanders: the path from bystander to responder

Each fall, BIAA recruits and sponsors Islanders interested in long-term service on-call into EMT-Basic training. Those interested in the 2015 EMT program should attend one of two information sessions, to be held on Tuesday, July 9th, and Thursday, July 11th, from 1830-2000 at the American Legion Hall at 7880 Bucklin Hill Road NE.

The EMT program is a substantial commitment of student time. The fall 2015 program will be conducted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 1800-2200, and a few Saturdays, starting September 2nd and concluding December 12th. The course is in Bremerton. Car pooling opportunities are likely.

For those interested in EMT training and on-call service, we will provide information and answer candidate questions at the information sessions; please don’t call our office with inquiries that are appropriate for the meetings. We will also be at the Fourth of July run and parade, where crew members at our ambulances will have additional candidate information and be available for questions.


BIAA provides competitive pay and benefits, uniforms, continuing EMS education, on-duty crew quarters, and matching 401(k) contributions after the first year. Full-time members receive paid sick leave and vacation, and health coverage. Part-time members regularly contributing at least 126 hours per month of on-call coverage enjoy health, vision, and dental insurance. Stipends are provided for time on-call, with hourly pay for response and operations.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates must be 18, with a high school diploma or GED, and WA driver’s license. A current health care provider CPR card is required to serve in the field or attend the EMT course, but is not required to apply.

BIAA takes driving and patient safety seriously. We are entrusted with vulnerable patients and their loved ones, and their property and personal and data security. We will check your background and driving record. Disqualifiers include conviction for any felony or criminal traffic offense, recurrent moving violations, any moving violation within the previous year, speed greater than 20 mph over the limit, or any conviction for a drug, sex, violence, or dishonesty offense. At-fault accidents, juvenile adjudications, and other misdemeanors will be individually evaluated. Dishonesty in the application process is disqualifying.